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We provide professionally developed website solutions that boost your online presence quickly while offering great user experience not only for your visitors, but for your Web Editor too.

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Wordpress Website Development by MWMedia

Wordpress Website Development

Why WordPress? Because the easy to use Content Management System provides the flexibility and great results that I can count on! If you can write an email, you will be able to update your own website. Don’t want to update yourself, not to worry! Take a look at our Monthly Maintenance & Security Packages – we will take care of all your content updates and security updates for one small monthly cost.


Search Engine Optimization

We take SEO very serious around here – you should too! My SEO services start at just $299! If you already have a WordPress website, I can use your existing content and apply the most current SEO practices along with submitting up-to-date site maps to the biggest search engines. We also take a look at your site’s page speed ratings and apply optimizations so you are not keeping your visitors waiting.  That’s just the beginning.

Email Marketing with MailChimp and MWMedia

Email Marketing with MailChimp

Have a list of customers emails? I will personally discuss an email marketing campaign customized around growing your business. You can be up and running with MailChimp within minutes.  Choose your email template from the 100’s available or I can build a custom email template that matches your brand. MailChimp is arguably the most powerful and versatile email platform on the market, but yet easy to use.

Maintenance & Security

Maintenance & Security

With a Monthly Maintenance & Security Package you can sleep and work with the peace-of-mind knowing that your site was developed and is maintained with above industry standard security and maintenance features. From keeping secure, off-site backups to insuring that your website up to date with the most current security and anti-spam features available I make sure to keep your site as secure as possible.

Turnaround Time Available on Basic WordPress Websites

I like to create WITH you, not FOR you. You bring your ideas, I'll bring mine. Lets collaborate!


Creative Passion


Client Commitment

Active Clients and counting... Thank You!!!

Years of WordPress Experience

WordPress Maintenance & Security

Not to worry. With our Monthly Maintenance & Security Packages all you have to do is let us know what you need updated and we will take care of the updates for you.

Sleep and work with the peace-of-mind knowing that your site was developed and is maintained with above-industry-standard security and maintenance features. Automated off-site backups via DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon etc.. also available.

Starting at $45/month

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Mike Wiesman

Mike Wiesman


I’m Mike, I started MWMedia in 2012 with a mission to give business owners an improved Web Developer experience and to put something that I have had a passion for since the internet was conceived.

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